I'm basically running an animal shelter from my apartment and it's not easy or fair to anyone, I'm just trying to find them great loving homes that can take good care of them. They all have different, distinct personnalities and they're all great cats but I just can't keep them all, there's too many. Please help me find the homes they deserve!!
Artemis: He is a male orange tabby-style cat, unneutered. He is all orange, just different shades. He is very quiet and friendly. He is also very nervous. He loves to cuddle and he's very easy-going. He gets along great with females. He does not like my other male which is why I have to give him away. He'd do well in a household where he is receiving all of the attention :)
Freya: She is a two-year old female calico, not spayed or declawed but should be soon. She has already had a few litters and I don't think she should have any more. She is very affectionate and cuddly. I would keep her myself but I don't want ot risk hergetting pregnant again and I have unneutered males. :)
Faora (Fae): She is a one-year old female calico, Freya is her mother. She is currently pregnant with her second litter and is a very friendly, quiet girl. She likes her space but she also loves a good cuddle here and there. :)
Saturn: Saturn is a 3-month-old, female kitten. She is mostly white with grey tabby spots. She is ridiculously cuddly and is constantly purring or trying to hop up in my lap. Perfect fora household with children or other pets :)

If you have any questions or would like to meet any of these amazing animals please contact me by text at 705-845- or e-mail please. :)